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 Decorative & Accent Lighting
 Fluorescent Lighting
 Chandeliers Installation
 Fixture Change-outs
 Recessed Can Lighting
 Track Lighting
 Hi-Bay Lighting
 Emergency Lighting
 Exiting Lights
 Security Lighting
 Photo Cells
 Time Clocks
 Motion Sensors
 Landscape & Tree Lighting
 Parking Lot Lighting
 Pole Lighting
 Signage Power & Lighting
 1 phase/3 Phase Circuits
 Ballast/Lamp Replacing
 Cable Fault Locating
 Cat 5 Cabling
 Conduit & Cable Locator
 Data / Communication Lines
 Emergency Backup Systems
 Fire alarm
 Generators & UPS
 Ground Testing
 Hid Lighting and Control
 Isolated Computer Circuits
 Light Level Measurements
 Megger Testing
 Motor Controls/Lighting
 Power Analyzing
 Power Distribution
General / Systems
 Ceiling Fans
 Dedicated Circuits
 Electrical Panel Upgrades
 Electrical Sub-Panels
 Electrical Outlets
 Pool Pumps
 Appliance Installation
 Equipment Installation
 Hot Tub Installation
 Interior & Exterior Sound Systems
 Intercom Systems
 Entertainment Systems
 Home Theater Systems
 Phone Lines & Data Cabling
Property Types
 Commercial Properties
 Data Centers
 Electrical Utilities
 Health Care
 Industrial Facilities
 Institutional Facilities
 Office Buildings
 Religious Properties
 Residential complexes
 Retail Establishments
 Service Department
 Sports Facilities
 Many More...

Complete Electrical Installations

Rough-in Wiring, Finishing, Repair and Additions Complete Residential Rewiring
General Residential Troubleshooting and Repairs Hot Tub Electrical Installations
Decorative & Accent Lighting Ceiling Fans
Interior & Exterior Sound Systems Entertainment Systems
Home Theater Systems Phone Lines & Data Cabling
Photo Cells Landscape & Tree Lighting
Switches & Dimmers Fixture Change-outs
Track Lighting Back-up Generators
Electrical Panel Upgrades Electrical Sub-Panels
Electrical Outlets Appliance Installation
Equipment Installation Security Lighting
Motion Sensors Time Clocks
Many More... Service Upgrades (100A-400A)

Fire Alarm and Emergency Lights Verification

Verification of a fire alarm system must take place when the system is first commissioned and is one of the final steps to obtaining an occupancy permit for the building. The test is performed to ULC CAN-S537-04 (Standard for the Verification of Fire Alarm Systems) by the fire alarm system manufacturer, or an individual authorized by the manufacturer to perform the service. In some instances, the Electrical Design Engineer is involved in the process as well. This is the most rigorous of testing procedures the system will have to undergo in it's lifetime. Not only are individual devices tested for a variety of conditions (not just operation), each device in the system must be examined for proper PLACEMENT. This ensures the pull station/smoke detector/heat detector/bell is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the applicable building codes/bylaws, and ULC CAN-S524 (The Standard for Installation of Fire Alarm Systems).

Checking to ensure that there is no large accumulation of combustible material, rubbish or flammable liquids;
Checking to ensure that all the exit signs are in good order, and that adequate lighting in the public corridors and stairwells is maintained;
Checking to ensure all the fire doors operate properly and that none are wedged in the "OPEN" position;
Checking all the exit routes remain free from obstructions;
Checking to ensure all fire hoses and extinguishers are unobstructed, in good order and ready to use;
Checking the fire alarm control panel to ensure it is free of obstructions, any glass panelling is clean, the locks have not been tampered with, the "AC POWER" indicator is "ON", and that the system is trouble free;
Checking corridor and public area fire and smoke detectors, pull stations, audible and visual appliances (bells, horns) to ensure they are clean, undamaged, and unobstructed.

In addition, a verification may be required if a device is replaced or added to the system. Call us today to setup a Fire Alarm Certification Test.

Home Electrical Inspections

Home: Inspect to current code status
Main Electrical Panel: Inspect and test all circuit breakers for proper operation. Re-torque all electrical connections. Identify and label each branch circuit. Perform current load test on each main feed line and balance load when required.
Lighting: Inspect and test all indoor and outdoor lighting for proper operation. Replace, free of charge, up to four standard incandescent lights (40, 60 and 100 watt) and up to two compact fluorescent lights.
Smoke Detectors: Inspect and test, replace up to two nine volt batteries free of charge.
Thermostats, Water Heater Elements, Timers & Dimmers: Inspect, test and adjust.
Electronic Appliances: Inspect for surge and lightning protects.
Electric Receptacles: Inspect and test for proper polarity, opens, shorts and grounds.
Ground Fault Interrupt: Inspect and test safety shutdown operation.

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